Symmetry was founded to raise the bar in the athlete representation business. We are improving the level of service beyond what any athlete has experienced in the industry thus far, one client at a time.

Symmetry is a full-service agency, which means we handle a variety of situations for our clients, no matter how big or small. We are dedicated to our clients’ success, helping them manage every aspect of their professional career, even after their playing days are over. The Symmetry team is comprised of skilled professionals, who are committed to our clients achieving their goals both on and off the field.

At Symmetry, we believe that is an honor to work on behalf of our talented clients. We stand by our clients regardless of any obstacles they may face during their careers. We support our clients regardless of whether our actions on any given day generate revenue for our agency. We do not serve as “yes-men” for our clients; instead, we advise our clients fairly, directly, and honestly. We are available to our clients at all times, and are responsive to their individual needs.

When a client joins the Symmetry team, they receive an unparalleled level of personal attention from experienced agents. We offer our clients the peace of mind that all of their matters are being handled skillfully, so they can keep their focus on their athletic achievements and development.