Our philosophy on capitalizing on an athlete’s marketing potential is to develop an individualized plan that matches the client’s priorities with the right corporate partners. The Symmetry team has a vast network of business connections that we actively market our players to, while also searching for new and creative opportunities for our clients. When a company expresses interest in working with a client, we are able to skillfully negotiate a deal that maximizes compensation and protects the client’s rights.

For an athlete to truly take advantage of their marketing potential, it is important for them to have a brand identity. The Symmetry team works with each one of our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to build their personal brand that will be attractive to the corporate world and fans alike. We understand that an athlete’s window to benefit from his marketability is limited; therefore we get to work on our clients’ behalf immediately to maximize their earning potential during their career.

Our Marketing/Brand Development Services Include:

  • Formulate an individual marketing strategy for each client that emphasizes the client’s priorities.
  • Communicate with potential corporate partners while seeking new and creative opportunities.
  • Negotiate endorsement deals that maximize payment and protect the client’s interests.
  • Assist each client in maximizing their reach with their personal website and on social media.