Our core negotiating goals are:

  • Maximize total compensation
  • Ensure the highest amount of guaranteed compensation
  • Limit conditions that could negatively affect the player; and
  • Structure the deal to maximize cash flow and provide the highest level of security possible

Every contract negotiation is unique and needs to be approached with the proper strategy. Our years of combined experience negotiating deals inside and outside the NFL, combined with our talents as negotiators, allow us to get our players the best possible contracts. Our exhaustive preparation for contract negotiations gives us the ability to effectively communicate our valuation to the team. We have a thorough understanding of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, which ensures we are fluent in the language that governs the NFL and its players.

We do not represent front office members or coaches, because we believe this potentially could create a conflict of interest for our clients. We are completely committed to our clients’ goals, and we will fight relentlessly to make sure those are met.