At Symmetry, we recommend to our clients that they give back to the community in some way. Whether it’s starting a foundation or helping a local charity, an athlete can contribute to a positive cause. Successful athletes have an incredible platform to better the lives of others around them.

Not only are these charitable acts fulfilling, but they also help build the athlete’s positive image with the media and public, making them attractive as corporate partners when it comes to marketing and endorsements. The Symmetry team can assist a player in a variety of charitable endeavors, including starting and maintaining a foundation.

Our Philanthropy Services Include:

  • Consult with our clients to find out what causes or social issues they have an interest in contributing to.
  • Create and maintain charitable foundations.
  • Connect our clients with a variety of established charitable efforts.
  • Ensure our clients’ charitable efforts are being covered by the media to increase awareness for the cause.