The average career of an athlete, especially one in the NFL, doesn’t always last long and can end abruptly. This is why it’s important for every athlete to have a plan after they finish their playing days. An alarming number of players experience financial hardship after their playing career is over, in part because they did not have a post-career income strategy.

The Symmetry team works with each one of our clients to figure out what their talents and interests are outside of their playing career, so we are ready to implement that plan when their playing days come to an end. We encourage our players to take advantage of post-career education programs that the NFLPA provides.

Our Post-Career Planning Services Include:

  • Work with each client to prepare a plan to transition from the NFL to the next career they seek.
  • Listen to our clients’ interests and aspirations outside of playing football and connect them with the proper individuals that can help them achieve their goals.
  • Refer our clients to the proper financial professionals that will assist them in investing and preserving the income they make during the client’s NFL career.
  • Inform clients of programs the NFLPA offers, which assist players in finding their next career.