At Symmetry, we are committed to helping our clients build a positive image with the public and media. In doing so, we can leverage the client’s impressive persona into marketing opportunities. There are several factors that contribute to your image beyond the playing field, which include your personality, charitable efforts, and your interaction with fans and the media. We help position our clients favorably by working with them to create a personal brand that expresses who they are and what is important to them.

The team at Symmetry has relationships with numerous media outlets, which provide a platform for our clients to engage with their fans. We assist our clients in obtaining media opportunities, which are important in increasing the client’s popularity. To further build a positive image and give back to the public, we recommend that our clients participate in community and charitable efforts.

In today’s world, it is important to have a positive presence on the web, whether it’s your personal website or on social media. Effective website and social media use provides a unique outlet to not only interact directly and consistently with a player’s fan base, but also attracts businesses towards working with your brand.

Our Public/Media Relations Services Include:

  • Work with our clients to create a personal brand that endears them to fans.
  • Connect our clients with various media outlets to increase the player’s exposure.
  • Assist our clients in obtaining opportunities to engage in charitable efforts.
  • Ensure that potential corporate partners, the media and fans view our clients favorably.
  • Provide our clients with proper counseling when it comes to effective use of their personal website and social media.